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Have you heard about people digging through dumpsters for lost retainers?  Or someone's dog or cat chewed up their retainer?  I have heard it all in my 20 years of practice, and I hate lost retainers just as much as you would!  I don't like crooked teeth, and I understand how hard it is to keep up with something that belongs in your mouth all day!  Being a teenager is tough enough, without having to worry about one more thing to keep up with.  So I developed a program to reduce lost retainers and relapse in my practice!

Retention is a very important part of your overall treatment.  I offer bonded retainers in select cases, along with a clear retainer for the upper to sleep in.  I don't like crooked teeth, and don't want you to lose your retainers either!  So listen to my retainer philosophy, you will like what I have to say about lost retainers!

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