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  • (817) 329-7400 | Grapevine, TX - 2800 William D. Tate
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No Headgear! | Grapevine, TX |

Excessive Overbites (Orthodontists call it an excessive Overjet, or  Class II Malocclusion) are one of the most common bite issues that Orthodontists see in their practice.  The old, proven method for correction for many years was to use what was known as a "headgear".  Images conjured up in adults heads are about a nightmarish contraption that seemed to be a right of passage for many teenagers 20-30 years ago.  Unfortunately, they still exist, and lots of Orthodontists still prescribe them!  But not Dr Gallagher, I use several other orthodontic appliances that have replaced headgear, and have made treatment easier and faster than ever for my patients!  My favorite appliance for Class II Correction is called the "Carriere Distalizer".  What used to take 12 months or more, now takes much less time, is barely visible, and very comfortable for the patient. 





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Dr. Gallagher's office has been a very positive experience for us. His staff is professional, friendly and very customer-oriented. My daughter's teeth have benefited greatly. We highly recommend him and his staff.

Caitlin S.

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